How long have you been teaching at SIA?

2014 is when I received my own class, but I subbed for a lot of time in 2013 at SIA

What do you love about SIA?

I love the students at SIA! I have had the chance to substitute almost every grade, and adore all of the students. It’s so amazing to see how the students connect with each other and support each other. I love that it is normal to see the older kids helping and looking out for the younger ones. This is the kind of school community that a teacher dreams of working in.

What units do you teach throughout the school year?

We have so many fun units in second grade, including

  • Wild Weather (social studies and science)
  • Life cycle of plants (science)
  • Inventions (science and math)
  • Geometry in our community (math and social studies)
  • Historical figures from the community (social studies)
  • Poetry (ELA and writing)
  • Cinderella stories from around the world (social studies, ELA, and writing)

What is your favorite unit to teach?

This is my first year teaching 2nd grade, but I am most excited about teaching the Wild Weather Unit. I have heard from the older students that this is the thing they loved most about 2nd grade. Weather is such a fun and interesting thing to explore, and there is something so mysterious about wild weather that fascinates children and adults alike.

What brings you joy outside of the classroom?

I love exploring old and new places – something as simple as finding a new corner of a favorite bookstore, or going on a walk through a different neighborhood. Being outside on a sunny day (walking, biking, reading, napping, or playing the ukulele) make me a very happy person!

I want my classroom to be a community of learners, where we all take ownership of our room, community, and personal growth. I hope that over the process of the year we will become great at collaborating with each other and encouraging one other.