Get to know Mrs. Fisher and find out what makes 4th grade incredible!

How long have you been working at SIA?

Since 1997

What do you love about SIA?

I love the community of caring that everyone brings to Sauvie Island Academy. Our school gets to be connected to each student, family, and all kinds of amazing organizations from the Audubon Society to The Sauvie Island Center. We are all working together to create real learning experiences for students!

What units do you teach throughout the school year?

Fourth grade focuses on forms of energy, such as solar, sound, light, and electrical. We also study flight and the structure and function of animals with a focus on birds throughout the year. In history we do an in-depth study of Lewis and Clark, the Oregon Trail, and the history of Oregon with a focus on connecting local historians to the past. We study authors and read all kinds of books–especially the latest Oregon Battle of the Books list! We study plants and re-design our classroom habitat each year for the wildlife outside our door.

What is your favorite unit to teach?

My favorite subject to teach is science, and my favorite unit is hard to choose, but probably electricity. I get to experience the power of wonder with my students each year. I see students make connections and persevere through difficulties to invent something that uses electricity. When they show their final invention and explain the process they went through, I see the pride on their faces and it’s always new and exciting!


Do you have a motto for your class?

Our class is about adventure and not being afraid to try.


What brings you the most joy outside of the classroom?

Outside the classroom as well as in, I find great joy in music–playing guitar and singing! I also love waterfall hikes, mountain climbing, running, and reading. My idea of a lovely evening is a summer backyard camp fire with my family and friends–roasting marshmallows, telling stories, and watching the stars come out…

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. – Helen Keller

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day of the year. – Ralph Waldo Emerson