About Ms. Taylor
I am very excited to teach at SIA. Not only is the setting beautiful, but it also provides students with an opportunity for learning. What a great teaching environment! I also feel that SIA provides students with various ways to approach their learning. This learning can be authentic and individualized according to student interest and understanding. I also feel that it is a close-knit community that takes pride in the school and the environment. SIA allows teachers, students, and the community to be creatively involved with the operation of the school.
I teach a variety of units to my ELLs. I include grammar, English language functions, art, TPR, and songs in my lessons. After the initial introductory lessons, I teach an apple tasting lesson and then a unit on pumpkins/lifecycle. Another unit includes subject pronouns and how they can be used when we describe feelings and actions and describe objects. I include a game where students pick two flash cards (one adjective and one animal). They then use a subject pronoun to construct a sentence using their two flashcards. The sentences are pretty funny! My shadows unit includes prepositions, contractions, and adjectives. Students go outside and look at their shadows. I take a photo of them and they draw their shadow and describe it. I also include read aloud books related to the topic. Another unit includes the season of winter and Las Posadas (a Mexican celebration). My goal is to design the units so that they are creative and inspiring for the students.
My favorite unit is my Frog and Pond Life unit. This unit lasts around 6 weeks and I am especially looking forward to teaching it in the Sauvie Island environment. I incorporate literature, writing, songs, art, grammatical forms and functions, Scientific vocabulary, charts, venn diagrams, video, and TPR. Students are actively involved in their own learning.
I have been a ballet dancer for over 30 years. I also have danced hip hop for 9 years. I also paint using watercolors and draw with pastels. I enjoy traveling to other countries and exploring other languages and cultures. My two daughters are the joy of my life and are growing into wonderful adults.

New Intercambio Program

Sauvie Island Academy is introducing an Intercambio Program this year. Intercambio is a language exchange which provides a meeting space for people to practice a new language with a native speaker in a conversational, informal setting. The exchange happens when two or more people learn from each other. For example, a native English speaker helping a native Spanish speaker learn English and vice versa. We will include fun, informational conversation and many games. I hope to include speakers as well. It is a fun and exciting way to include our Sauvie Island Community in a place-based format.

Please fill out this survey so that we may gauge interest.

Please get in touch with Amy Taylor with questions.

Thank you!