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What classes do you teach?

6th Grade Social Studies
7th Grade Social Studies
8th Grade Social Studies
8th Grade Math
6th Grade Projects and Design Enrichment
7th Grade Oceans Enrichment
One cohort of 6th, 7th, 8th Grade Field Study

How long have you been working at SIA?

Since 2012

What do you love about SIA?

The students, community support, my coworkers, and the school’s passion for being the best school we can be (and allowing teachers and students the freedom to see those passions come to fruition).

What do you love about Social Studies?

Social Studies: the study of all human enterprise over time and space. I love this definition—the enormity, the vagueness, the mystery! I love that Social Studies seeks to provide students a framework for understanding their world: What is its past? Its present? Future? Social Studies gives students an avenue for the evaluation and exploration of various disciplines and associated themes such as human condition and social justice, but also proceeds one step further allowing students to ask, “so where do we go from here?” In addition to encouraging students to ask this question, social studies can provide the framework and tools for students to answer it and, if they so choose, to act.

What units do you teach throughout the year?

6th Grade World Geography: People and Place
• Foundations of World Geography
• The World in Spatial Terms
• Culture
• Population, Migration, and Climate
• River Narrative
• Peoples of South America: Maya, Inca, Aztec
• Indigenous Resistance: Oceania and the Stolen Generation

7th Grade Ancient Worlds and Global Cultures:
• Early Humans and the Rise of Civilizations
• Ancient Egypt and the Middle East
• Global Religions
• China and the Coal Debate
• Ancient Greece and Rome
• Medieval Europe
• Islam during Medieval Times
• Europe’s Renaissance and Reformation

8th Grade Revolutions, Law, and Economy
• Rethinking Columbus
• The American Revolution and Indigenous Resistors
• The Constitution
• Mock Trial
• Civil War
• Reformation
• Today’s Revolutions
• Economics 101

What are your favorite units to teach?

My favorite units to teach are ones in which the students really take hold of the content and we begin a learning adventure together. SIA provides an environment in which teachers and students have latitude to further explore topics of interest. If there is a particular unit that students are really engaged and interested in, we may choose to expand the unit and delve deeper to answer students’ big questions.

What brings you the most joy outside of the classroom?

Outside of school I enjoy adventuring with my amazing wife, Rosalia. We try to travel as much as possible, home and abroad, and also enjoy seeing live music, films, and trying as many of Portland’s amazing restaurants as possible! Other areas of passion are playing guitar, collecting records, and hanging out with our cat, Delilah.

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Class Motto:

Be excellent to each other.