What classes do you teach?

I teach 6th-8th science and 7th grade math. I also teach outdoor school enrichment in the fall. Mr. Radich and I get to teach the product design enrichment together.

How long have you been teaching at SIA?

Since 2010

What do you love about SIA?

When someone asks me about our school I’m so lucky to be able to say:
Our school is a community of learners, students AND staff.
I love that I get to know all students, not just the ones in my classes.
I get to see students grow over the years.
I get to work with students who are willing to try new things and go on lots of fun adventures

What units do you teach throughout the school year?

My units are always changing because we have science on a 3 year rotation through Earth, Life, and Physical Science.Throughout the years we go to the Ape Caves, simulate oil spill cleanups, make periodic table superheroes, learn about cloning, and much more!

What are your favorite units to teach?

My favorite units to teach are ones that the students have control over the questions they are researching and how they present their learning. Last year a student built a hovercraft and flew it in the gym, pretty awesome! We get to learn so much more when we are interested and passionate about the topic.

What brings you the most joy outside of the classroom?

I love to explore and adventure around the Pacific Northwest. Finding a secret swimming hole is the best cure for a hot summer day. I also LOVE to read. I would love a 26 hour day so I could spend 2 of them reading curled up by a window. I went to the University of Oregon so if it’s a fall Saturday you might find me at a Duck football game on the weekends.

Everybody is a genius at something!