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Classroom Consumables Contribution

As a public charter school, Sauvie Island Academy receives only 80% of the State School Fund dollars. This reduces our funding by approximately $397, 00 this 17-18 year. Therefore, our ability to purchase consumable items each year is a challenge.

Each year, Sauvie Island Academy spends about $125 per child to provide the consumable supplies necessary to ensure your child’s continued success in the classroom. These consumable supplies differ for each grade level and include:

  • Transportation to and from field trips
  • Technological devices and Apps
  • Science supplies & journals
  • Periodicals like Scholastics News, Science World, Story Works
  • Paper,  printer ink, presentation boards
  • Garden and habitat supplies
  • Clay, Paints, Construction Paper
  • Other miscellaneous supplies

We would greatly appreciate a tax-deductible contribution from each family to help us cover the expense of these necessary items! Please consider providing a payment of $50 toward consumable classroom supplies. If this expense is prohibitive, please contact us to make alternative arrangements.

Your $50 donation can be made the following ways:

1. Contribute via the SIA PayPay Account link below.

2. Send a check or cash to SIA with the memo “Consumable Contribution”

Thank you so much for your support!

Donate via Paypal:

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