First Week of School Newsletter!

Mark your calendar for these upcoming events!

  • Late-start Monday – School starts at 9:35 am on Monday September 12th
  • Back to School Night!! – Tuesday, September 13th, 3:15pm-4:15pm and 6pm-7pm
    There will be 4 information sessions: 3:15-3:45, 3:45-4:15 and 6-6:30, 6:30-7
    These sessions will give you a chance to meet informally with your child’s teacher. The info covered may not be exciting for your kids! The SIA Student Ambassadors will be hosting activities for kids in the gym. Please encourage your child to join them!
  • SIA School Board WORK SESSION – September 19th – 5:15-6pm in the SIA Library
  • SIA School Board – September 19th6pm in the SIA Library
  • SIA PTC Meeting – September 22nd6pm SIA Library

Visit our Online Calendar for a full calendar of events.
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From the Director’s Desk

Mark your calendars: SIA Back to School Day is Sept. 13th from 3:15-4:15PM or 6PM-7PM!!!

Thank you to everyone that made it to the SIA Welcome Back BBQ!

We started our 1st day with a Welcome Assembly.  We celebrated the start of the school year and welcomed new staff and students. We also reminded each other about our three school-wide expectations: Be Safe, Be Respectful and Be Responsible. Please ask your student about our school-wide expectations at home to help reinforce them. Also if they are bugging you in the car being loud, you can hold up the “Quiet Coyote” and have them practice not talking and being good listeners.

It is very important at this age for students to have the opportunity to become more independent. A great way to help them is by establishing a simple good-bye routine in the morning and allowing them to transition quickly onto the bus or into the classroom. This will lower their anxiety and allow them to assimilate into the school/classroom setting more quickly. We appreciate everyone’s patience with busing. It is important to understand the law around busing and charter schools! The ORS 338, states “a school district may not be required to add or extend existing bus routes” for the charter school students.  Therefore, SIA is working with the district and Durham to help SIA student’s access existing AM Scappoose School District bus routes, in order to reach the transportation hub at the Scappoose Middle School in the morning.  If you need help with AM busing in Scappoose, please call the SIA office. SIA Newsletter will be coming out twice a month (typically the 1st and 3rd Fridays) and we will try to alert you to upcoming events, as well as links to the teacher blogs regarding classroom activities!Your students have had a great first week, however they are tired. Please help them get back into their school routine, with plenty of sleep this weekend.Have a great weekend,
Mrs. Meeuwsen

Classroom News

Kinder with Ms. Jamie: Kinders have been busy building, creating, and learning! Check out Ms. Jamie’s Kinder blog to see what they’ve been up to in their first days of school!

3rd grade with Ms. Shannon: If you would like to see some snazzy first day of school photos and find out what in the world a people glyph is, please check out Ms. Shannon’s Third Grade blog!

Ms. Brittany’s Classes: Lockers, math, science, oh my! What is the first week of school like in the upper grades? Head over to Ms. Brittany’s blog to find out!

Seeking Donated Guitars: Mr. Radich is seeking some old guitars for use in a Guitar 1 Elective in the upper grades. Perhaps you have a guitar that is sitting in a closet unused in years? We’d love to have it! Even a guitar in disrepair will work–we’ll clean it up, just looking for some entry guitars for these budding beginner musicians. Please email with any questions or a lead on some possible guitars. Thanks for all you do to support this incredible school!
Sincerely, Mr. Radich

Want to see more classroom blogs?  Check out our website.

PTC News

This first PTC meeting of the year will be Thursday, September 22 at 6pm in the SIA library, and we invite you to join us!  The SIA PTC provides support to the students and staff at SIA and opportunities to connect with your community.  We will be voting on our budget for the 2016-17 school year, as well as voting for Vice President and Treasurer.  If you would be interested in helping us out in any way, please email us at

Community News 

For news submissions, email

You’re Invited!
Chef Matthew Busetto of North Portland’s Firehouse Restaurant invites you to join us on Saturday, September 17thfrom 10 am to 1 pm for a morning of learning, tasting and fun on the farm. We’ll harvest a load of fresh veggies from the Sauvie Island Organics farm, then turn our haul into an authentic farm-to-table lunch. For more information visit the Sauvie Island Center website.

Sauvie Island Academy is introducing an Intercambio Program this year. Intercambio is a language exchange which provides a meeting space for people to practice a new language with a native speaker in a conversational, informal setting. The exchange happens when two or more people learn from each other. For example, a native English speaker helping a native Spanish speaker learn English and vice versa. We will include fun, informational conversation and many games. I hope to include speakers as well. It is a fun and exciting way to include our Sauvie Island Community in a place-based format. Please fill out this survey so that we may gauge interest. Please get in touch with Amy Taylor with questions.

Sauvie Island Community Association

Linton Community Center


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